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About Tamara White

Take it from me, the journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle isn't easy! It can often be VERY daunting and overwhelming for women to crack the code on losing weight and getting tone! What do I do? What do I eat? How long do I have to keep this up? Cant I just do a quick diet and look amazing already?! All questions I have asked and found the answers to.

I had been at my heaviest in my life when I stepped on the scale and saw 216 lbs! Granted, I had a child but it didn't excuse the weight I Continued to put on after he was born. I was fed up! I wanted to feel good in my clothes, I wanted to beat the odds of all the bad family genetics I was destined to have from being heavy, and over all I was ready to feel healthy! I began to research on my own ways to lose weight. I've tried Weight Watchers, Weight loss clinics, Over the counter quick fixes and more. Although most offered some results, they were not long-term and they were not what I was looking for. I wanted to lose weight but also look healthy and tone. As I found more research on weight-loss I determined that 80% of it was from a clean diet. The rest of course came from a consistent work out regimen. I found out what to do, what to eat, and I definitely found out that true weight loss and being healthy was going to take time. I trusted the process! I changed my mindset and learned that patience and consistency was key.

Over a two year period of trial and error, I found the foods that worked for me as well as what exercises yielded the muscle tone I had been looking for. As a woman who has never had abs, never wore a pant size smaller than a 12/13 the majority of my adulthood, and never thought after a baby a two piece bikini would be for me , I appreciated the process this journey has brought. The process proved to be challenging because there were days or even weeks I felt like I wasn't making any changes, times where I didn't feel like working out, or eating another chicken, rice, and broccoli meal. But the best thing I could have changed was my mindset! It pushed me through those challenging times when life got in the way, when negativity seemed to be at its highest, and when I felt like stopping.

The reward in the end was SO great because it taught me the valuable lesson of consistency and patience. It taught me that anything is possible! I feel and look the best I have at 30 years old. The passion for fitness has become my lifestyle and it inspired me to to share my journey, the myths, and truths about weight loss! Since I've become a Certified Personal/Fitness trainer, it has only deepened my understanding of what it takes to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle! It taught me that the only competition I had was myself and that my goals were just for me! I'm here to encourage and help all women who have struggled with weight-loss, women who want to build and gain muscle, women who've struggled with the feeling that being and looking your best is impossible, and l want to inspire women to take control of their health! Let'ts do it together! You have nothing to lose, only GAINZ from here!

(ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer